• Bo Derek's career began in the 1980s
  • To date, she is one of the hottest stars to ever live
  • This is how the actress looked when she was young

Bo Derek was THE sex symbol par excellence in the eighties. She became known as "Jenny Hanley" to a wider audience in the 1979 film 10. It was one of the biggest career breakthroughs in the history of the silver screen, and moviegoers had a new bombshell to look forward to.

Bo Derek continues to inspire sex symbols today

This film made Bo one of the most sought-after actresses in the world at the time. But she also looked incredibly hot as well, and that certainly helped her illustrious career! It wasn't long before Derek was cemented as a Hollywood heavyweight.

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In the following years, Bo Derek was quite revealing in several of her films and earned a reputation for baring quite a lot of her incredible body on screen. She turned many fans' heads in 1981 playing "Jane" in Tarzan the Ape Man...

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