To say that Marilyn Monroe (†36) was known for her good looks is an understatement. She was, and indeed still is, a global sex symbol and millions of fans worldwide think that she is the epitome of feminine beauty. But is Marilyn a natural beauty? She is rumoured to have made some significant changes to her appearance.

Marilyn Monroe knew the look fans wanted

Marilyn Monroe was born Norma Jean Baker and growing up she looked very different that the Marilyn we now all know. She was a bit of a wallflower and had mousy brown hair. She was discovered during the second world war by an army photographer. 

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As her fame grew, she decided to change her name to Marilyn Monroe. Her first big transformation was due to her first contract with Columbia pictures. The contract stated that the actress must dye her hair blonde and get rid of her widow's peak. 

Her blonde hair became her trademark look! Marilyn also had some dental work done, correcting her overbite and having her teeth bleached

Norman Mailer states in his biography about the cult actress that it is  rumoured that Marilyn had some cartilage removed from the tip of her nose where it formed a small bump and to have had a small chin implant.

All of these procedures transformed Marilyn's appearance and, as the transformation was so great, many believe she had even more work done than has already been speculated.