Patrick Swayze (†57) won over the hearts of fans everywhere starring in the cult film Dirty Dancing. He not only made "Baby" (Jennifer Grey) feel hot under the collar as "Johnny", but cinema audiences as well. The 1987 film was a huge success and Swayze was even nominated for a Golden Globe for his performance.

Life wasn't always easy for the handsome heartthrob though. When his father passed away in 1982, Swayze fell into a deep depression and sought solace at the bottom of numerous bottles. 

Patrick Swayze's sister committed suicide

Patrick Swayze's sister Vicky died of an overdose in 1994, giving him a huge wake-up call and he decided to check himself into rehab. It was a great success and Swayze did not touch a drop of alcohol from then on out.

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His wife Lisa Niemi was his rock. They got married in 1975 and she recently declared her love for the late actor on Twitter, posting this moving statement, "Celebrating Patrick's B'day today. He was so full of adventure & unafraid to embrace life. And always ready to take chances! He was never going to live in the shadows. He was a bright light, so bright that it still dazzles! Love you, always, & forever, my darling man".

Patrick Swayze's battle against cancer

Patrick Swayze was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in 2008. The actor underwent a course of chemotherapy and, at first, it appeared as if the aggressive treatment was working.

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However, just twenty months after the terrible diagnosis, Patrick lost his battle against the disease. He died on 14th September 2009 with his family by his side at his horse ranch. His wife-of-thirty-four years, Lisa, was left devastated.

She remarried in 2014 and now lives happily with her new husband Albert DePrisco, who works as a jeweler. We are sure that she will never forget her first great love, Patrick.