• Patrick Swayze was a famous actor
  • He had a sister named Vickie Lynn Swayze
  • She tragically died 

Patrick Swayze built an impressive acting career back in the days; he also established his popularity as a sex symbol and People magazine even named him the Sexiest Man Alive in 1991, however, it is also known that there were some ups and downs regarding his personal life.

Patrick was one of four siblings, after he was welcomed into the family, his brothers Don and Sean, as well as his sister Bambi soon followed, but his older sister Vickie Lynn was already there waiting for him.

At some point in his life, Patrick Swayze started to deal with substance abuse issues and he actually checked into a rehab clinic to sort out his problems. A number of factors influenced him to make the right decision of changing his lifestyle, but the fact that his sister Vickie Lynn passed away in 1994 was definitely a huge wake-up call for the Dirty Dancing star.

Patrick Swayze at the 1995 Golden Globe Awards, one year after his sister Vicky's death

What happened to Patrick Swayze's sister Vickie Lynn?

After several years of struggling with depression, Vickie Lynn died of an overdose of painkillers, and according to the actor, his sister's death completely changed his life. "It was hard not to feel responsible, that I could have done something to prevent it. The longer your life goes on, the more death you face. After my father, my manager, and then my sister died, I started to feel like I was cursed," the actor said a couple of years ago.

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After Vickie Lynn died in the mid-1990s, the Letters from a Killer star opened up about suicide, which was actually the cause of his sister's death, and said that he needed to find something to believe in: "Suicide is not something I am capable of, but there are a lot of people out there who kill themselves because life can take you to some hard places and not everybody can cope with that."

Although it's been 10 years since Patrick Swayze died, we are very glad to know that at some point of his life he changed his habits and eventually stopped drinking alcohol "thanks" to his sister. It seems like the tragic death of Vickie Lynn made a very strong impact on him, and his way of honouring her was actually making his own life better.

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