Convoy is a 1978 action film with Kris Kristofferson (83, "Rubber Duck"), Ali MacGraw (80, "Melissa") and Ernest Borgnine (†95) who starred as Sheriff "Dirty Lyle". The film spoke to western fans all over the world, since it portrays the truckers as modern-day-cowboys who engage in an intense cat-and-mouse game with the police.

Ernest Borgine and Kris Kristofferson in Convoy in 1978.

More than forty years have passed since the premiere of the film. While Oscar winner Ernest Borgnine died in 2012, the two other stars of Convoy are still at home on stage and on the screen.

Kris Kristofferson is a true allrounder

He is a Hollywood actor, country singer and songwriter - in short: Kris Kristofferson is exactly what we would call a multi-talent. Over the course of his career he has appeared in countless films such as A Star is Born (1976), for which he received an Oscar nomination was awarded a Golden Globe.

Kristofferson was discovered as a musician by the late Johnny Cash (†71) and can also look back on an incredible career in country music. Even today, Kris Kristofferson is still successful with his music.

On the occasion of his 80th birthday in 2016, the double album "The Cedar Creek Sessions" was released and he also went on a tour. The songwriter legend again went on tour in the U.S. and Europe in 2018.

Ali MacGraw starred in Love Story with Ryan O'Neil

With her long smooth hair and without much make-up, Ali MacGraw was the epitome of the innocent college girl in the seventies. With Goodbye, Columbus (1969) she became famous and won a Golden Globe for her role.

The tragic Love Story (1970) was an even bigger success for MacGraw. The movie made more than 100 million dollars and is one of the greatest successes of the early seventies.

In 1979, Ali ended her Hollywood career and worked as a real estate agent in Malibu. Ali has worked on Broadway since 2006 and last year toured the U.S. with the two-person-play 'Love Letters', in which she stars with her Love Story co-star Ryan O'Neal (78).

Ali MacGraw and Ryan O'Neal starred in the play Love Letters.

Convoy: Ali MacGraw and Kris Kristofferson's private life

Kris Kristofferson has found great love with his third wife Lisa Meyers. The couple live together in Hawaii. He has five children with Lisa and eight children in total.

Ali MacGraw did not get married again after her third divorce and now lives in New Mexico. Her son Joshua Evans, who comes from her marriage to film producer Robert Evans, is also active in show business.