• Michael Stuhlbarg has been attacked by a homeless man
  • The incident happened in New York City
  • THIS is what he did about it

New York City is in the middle of a massive crime wave, and even famous faces aren't safe from the possible carnage. The incident mirrors the violent end of Stuhlbarg's on-screen character, Arnold Rothstein, in a twist of life imitating art. Read on for the gripping details of the actor's real-life confrontation and the aftermath.

A hero's chase

In a chilling echo of his 'Boardwalk Empire' fate, Michael Stuhlbarg, the actor who masterfully portrayed the notorious crime boss "Arnold Rothstein," was assaulted in a surprise attack by a homeless man, Xavier Israel, near the iconic Central Park. The unsuspecting Stuhlbarg was struck from behind with a rock, leaving the Upper East Side buzzing with disbelief.

Less than two miles from where his character met his demise, Stuhlbarg found himself in a harrowing situation that Sunday night. The assailant, Israel, not a stranger to the law, had a history of violence and theft, making this attack another dark mark on his record.

Refusing to be a victim, Stuhlbarg sprang into action, chasing his attacker. The pursuit ended swiftly as police, stationed by the Russian Consulate, apprehended Israel.

The assailant was charged, and Stuhlbarg, though bruised, declined medical assistance, showcasing the resilience of a true New Yorker.

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Undeterred by the incident, Stuhlbarg is set to shine on Broadway in 'Patriots,' portraying Russian oligarch "Boris Berezovsky." The play, penned by 'The Crown' creator Peter Morgan, promises to be as dramatic as Stuhlbarg's real-life escapades.

Either way, we're happy he's fine!