Brad Pitt is looking to the court when it comes to helping him get what he wants, which is more time with his children. Previously married to Angelina Jolie, the two have had an ongoing custody battle amid their messy divorce.

A source close to the couple is revealing some intimate details about their ongoing disputes and shares that Pitt is just itching for equal time spent with their tribe of children.

Brad Pitt wants 50/50 custody

This Monday, a hearing is taking place between Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt as the two battle it out again during the tumultuous divorce.

Entertainment Innovator Angelina Jolie Pitt and Brad Pitt attend the WSJ. Magazine 2015 Innovator Awards.

A source close to the couple revealed to ET that Pitt is just asking for equal time spent with their 6 children, and hopes that the court will rule in favour of the actor.

"Brad is asking for 50/50 custody to be put in place and stay in place," the source says. "Angelina wants to be fair when it comes to custody. She is very structured with the children. Brad has high hopes [they can] try to make it work because of the importance of co-parenting."

The two actors had originally agreed in November 2018 to a fair custody arrangement, however, their agreement faltered when the two could not reach an accord.

"Brad, for the most part, has been respectful of Angelina’s parenting. While he doesn’t agree with everything, he knows she loves the kids and wants the best for them," the source continued. "He also knows his love and presence are needed."

The source further states that Pitt has "done everything he can to avoid a court situation", but that he feels he is left with "no other choice" if he wants to spend more time with the kids.

"It’s important to Brad that the kids don’t worry about their parent’s current situation and that they don’t feel stuck in the middle in any way," they revealed. 

"Brad has avoided this court scenario for years, and the last thing he would ever want is for this to have a negative outcome for everyone," the source adds. "This is about getting his time with the children."

It is true, however, that neither parent has full control of the children's schedule, as all scheduling has been dictated by the court.

The custody battle takes place this Monday, but further delays are possible as the two have yet to come to an amicable decision regarding their private judge.