Following the Saturday Night Live premiere, Alec Baldwin is finding himself in some hot water after he pulled out his notorious Donald Trump impersonation. 

The President, who is currently in the hospital recovering from the novel Coronavirus, had plenty of supporters backing him up during this sensitive time. Baldwin wrote a lengthy post to his Instagram defending his actions.

Alec Baldwin defends impersonating Trump

As the world tuned in for the latest season of Saturday Night Live, many were angered by the fact that Alec Baldwin took the opportunity to do his Donald Trump impersonation, despite the fact the President is currently recovering from COVID-19.

Baldwin went on to discuss the precautions they were taking on set, as well as defending his actions of poking fun at the president during his recovery. 

"It’s tough to do the show normally, but everyone really pulled it off," he said in his Instagram video. "Everybody is masked, everyone has a shield, even the cast has masks and just pulls them off as they do a scene."

Baldwin then turned the conversation to a slightly different route and addressed those that were "sick" of the actor always doing his Trump impressions.

"If there was ever the suggestion that Trump was truly, gravely ill and people said 'Trump is really in trouble,' I bet you everything I have that we wouldn’t even get near that in terms of the content on the show," he said.

"We only have the word of the White House and they have all been saying he isn’t in any danger," he continued.

Baldwin then added that he is "all for" someone else playing Trump, but continued to say that, "I think no matter who plays Trump, how well they play it…I think what is also true is people are just sick of Trump."

"They are ready to stop laughing and take a quite serious look," he said, before reminding people to head to the polls this November 3 to vote. 

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