While actor Dominic West was a guest on Good Morning Britain, he made a bold comment about Donald Trumps COVID-19 diagnosis that has upset (and pleased!) many viewers as well as Piers Morgan. 

Dominic West Apologizes To Kate Garraway

Dominic West was just a guest on Good Morning Britain where he was asked about Donald Trump's COVID-19 diagnosis. The Wire star said he "jumped for joy" when he heard the news about the POTUS. Dominic explained his joy by saying, "I think the phrase is 'What goes around comes around'. I just hope it doesn't interfere with him being elected out of office that's all."

Since then he has personally reached out to GMB host Kate Garraway to give his sincere apologies as he was unaware of her husband's condition. Kate's husband Derek Draper has been in the hospital since March and in an induced coma since April due to his coronavirus diagnosis. 

Dominic West on 'The Wire'.

Brave mum Kate explained on Monday's show, "I was surprised because I don't think Dominic meant, well he's been in touch directly with me, to apologize personally to me. He wasn't aware that Derek had coronavirus and was still sick and was worried that I had been upset by it. I wasn't upset for those reasons, I was surprised because I went on to say afterwards, I'm sure you join us in wishing him [Trump] the very best."

Britain's angriest man Piers Morgan did not feel the same way as graceful Kate and instead was very vocal about how upset he was with Dominic's statement. On Monday's GMB Piers stated, "You can have whatever view you like of Donald Trump, I've had very positive views of him and this year very negative views of him. A lot of people love him, a lot of people hate it. It doesn't matter though, if a human being gets coronavirus, which we know has killed one million people, if a human being in his 70s, has underlying weight issues and so on, therefore quite a lot of risk."

Kate Garraway arrives at The Global Radio Studios in London on October 1, 2020.

He went on to exclaim, "Forget Trump's behaviour, forget everything for the moment as a human being to say you jump for joy when someone gets coronavirus. To say it frankly, when you have a presenter on this show whose husband is still in a coma. I found that unacceptable."

Kate was quick to defend Dominic and said "Personally, whatever your views may be. I don't think he meant that I think he's not a Trump supporter. I think it's a symptom of Donald Trump's behaviour throughout this pandemic he's appeared to thumb his nose in it and he was jumping for joy at the idea he might now feel the effects of it. A reality check. I don't believe Dominic West would wish someone ill. That plays into the idea... you get coronavirus, you survive you're a hero. You're not, you're very lucky, the heroes are the people treating you and helping you survive."

Kate has been sharing her family's struggle with her husband's tragic state and supporting others who are suffering the same anxiety and stress that she is. She has also been bravely spreading hope and sharing her story about the difficult ordeal