The uber lovable Kate Garraway has been such a trooper and fighter for her family during this difficult time. The strong mother of two now updated fans and viewers on her husband's health on Good Morning Britain

Kate Garraway Gives Update On Husband Derek

Derek Draper, Kate Garraway's husband has been in an induced coma since his March hospitalization. He has since been fighting to survive against vicious Coronavirus. On Good Morning Britain lovely Kate revealed that her husband had struggled in the last few days saying "He had a tough week, he had two big falls in blood pressure and swelling in his legs which was concerning in case it might be clots... COVID can cause clotting."

Kate Garraway reported that the nurses told her that the nurses "put Good Morning Britain on and they felt, because his eyes were open, that he looked focused and engaged... I found it very emotional. We don't know if it was the moving of the light or the familiar voices."

Kate then went on to speak directly to Derek saying "Good Morning Derek, if you are watching. We're all sending you lots of love and so many good wishes. Your own personal Good Morning Britain." She joked to her co-host Ben Shepherd "It is odd because he's never really watched me on TV before, or cared!" to which Ben shouted, "I don't believe that for a minute!"

Kate will get to visit her husband after work now that the restrictions are lifting. Kate has been an inspiring and impressively strong woman throughout this whole terrifying ordeal.