Kate Garraway is one tough cookie. She and her family have been staying strong and positive against heart-wrenching conditions. 

GMB's Kate Garraway and Her Husbands Fight To Live

In early March, Kate's husband Derek Draper was rushed to the hospital and has been fighting the effects of the coronavirus since. In June he was put into an induced coma

Now Kate has told HELLO! magazine about how she and her family are coping with the terrifying situation. While he is in the hospital, both Kate and her son 11-year old Billy have been wearing Derek's t-shirts to bed as pajamas. The GMB host said "Billy misses him so much, too. At first, he slept in a camp bed next to Derek's side of the bed, and he wears one of his T-shirts, which swamps him. I've been sleeping in one of Derek's shirts, too, just to feel close to him."

Kate Garraway and Derek Draper attend Piers Morgan's Christmas Party in London. DECEMBER 19th 2019.

Kate's 2 children have also been impressively strong while FaceTiming their critically ill dad in the hospital. Kate said "Derek's lost a huge amount of weight and when the nurse shaved him because his beard had grown so long, he looked so different. They'd never seen him without stubble or a beard before. During their chats, they tell him what they've been doing, and their sense of humour often shines through."

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Kate said of their kind daughter "Darcey, who wants to be a barrister, said: 'Dad, you'd better get better soon because I'm getting cleverer every day. You'll never win an argument if you don't get well soon.' The two of them used to have massive debates about teenagers' rights all the time." Darcey even took a cute jab at her mother when she told her father about having to build furniture on her own "Mum's useless. She can't use a screwdriver. I wish you were here, Dad."

While doctors have warned that he may stay in the coma for longer, Kate Garraway feels hopeful for eventual recovery and feels her beloved husband can understand her. Although, she cannot physically visit because of the pandemic she said, "In my heart, I feel that he understands me. I reassure him that he's doing brilliantly and not to worry; that the doctors are doing everything they can and we're going to bring him home soon. I tell him I love him and that although he can't say it back, I know he loves me too."