• Do you know how to pronounce "Brendan Fraser" properly?
  • The actor revealed a common mispronunciation of his last name
  • The correct way? Fraser should rhyme with razor

Actor Brendan Fraser is enjoying a major comeback in Hollywood these days. So you'd better make sure you're pronouncing his name right!

The star, who is getting award-season buzz for his role in The Whale, recently corrected a common mispronunciation of his name... and it came as a surprise to many fans!

Brendan Fraser: The correct pronunciation of his last name is...

Fraser was talking with Adam Sandler in the Actors on Actors series, when Sandler jokingly said, "That's your full name, right? Brendan Fraser?"

But Sandler had pronounced his surname like "Frayzher." The Mummy star surprised him with a correction: "It's Fraser" – with a sharp emphasis on the "s." Like how "you shave with a razor," Fraser explained.

Also interesting:

The pair then joked about Sandler's beard, which Fraser suggested could use a trim.

On Twitter, others named Fraser agreed with the "rhymes with razor" correction. "I. Identify. With. This. A. Lot," one user wrote. "I feel this pain... Daily," added another.

So, Brendan Fraser it is! See more in the video above.