• Britney Spears announced she has a new pet
  • Spears posted a video of her dog on Instagram
  • The star revealed she also has another animal

Britney Spears recently shared some super sweet news with her fans when she revealed that she now has a puppy! Spears took to Instagram this week to post a short video of the adorable new arrival in her life, which she certainly seems overjoyed by.

Spears shares she got her puppy while on vacation

Spears began her post by introducing her new pet to the world, explaining how she ended up with him. Along with the clip that shows the pup's big blue eyes, she revealed he is a white Australian shepherd named Sawyer. "I found him in Maui like a dream and took him home with me immediately," Spears said. 

The star recently vacationed in Maui with fiancé Sam Asghari, and Hawaii is said to be a place with special significance for the couple. Spears went on to share what it's been like potty training Sawyer, who she said "makes my heart melt," saying how she loves that he relies on her. She also shared that she has another new pet! Spears mentioned having gotten a cat too, who she said is "French and very peculiar" and "looks like a mini cheetah."

Also interesting:

Part of Spears' clip shows her happily dancing in a neon green bathing suit, which definitely seems to reflect her excitement about bringing both animals into her life! The pop star has a lot to celebrate these days now that she is free from her conservatorship, engaged to Asghari and living her life more freely than ever.