• Britney Spears shocks fans after procedure
  • She had a bad reaction to the Botox
  • Britney swears off the treatment 

Britney Spears (41) has already had one or two cosmetic procedures: the pop icon had her lips filled and her forehead smoothed, among other things. But now Britney Spears has had enough, because the treatment did not go as planned.

Britney Spears looks shocking after a procedure

Over the years, Britney Spears has had Botox again and again. This time, the injection makes the blonde look unwell!

Not only is her forehead severely swollen, but her eyelids are visibly drooping. The beauty treatment had a completely contradictory effect. On Instagram, Britney shared her terrible experience and completely swears off Botox.

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Back in February, the pop star talked a procedure that went awry, but only now does Britney seem to have changed her mind about it all. She instead wants to switch to alternative cosmetic treatments like silicone patches in the future, as the Instagram video reveals.