Britney Spears wants to make some major career moves in 2022! As Entertainment Tonight reports, a source has revealed that Spears has major plans for the year ahead, sharing what could be in the works for her. 

Spears plans to "put her businesswoman hat on"

Spears is said to be "actively eyeing different brand deals and entertainment opportunities" according to the insider. While no specific brands were mentioned, it sounds as though she certainly has options! They said there have been some "amazing offers," mentioning that "nothing is off the table" when it comes to her potential ventures.

Now that the star has the ability to make her own financial decisions, she wants to make the most of potential branding opportunities that arise. The source said Spears is "excited to put her businesswoman hat on in the new year and explore different ventures," referring to her as "her own decision maker" for the first time.


The source also called Spears' partner Sam Asghari "a huge support for Britney," saying that he has been "encouraging her in every way." Asghari has been shown to be incredibly supportive of his fiancé, even revealing that he's leaving the wedding planning to her. While it's unknown if Spears plans to return to the music industry, she recently admitted that she hated touring, so don't expect to see her hit the road any time soon.