• Brooklyn Beckham and Nicola Peltz have been married since early 2022
  • They are already thinking about children
  • The couples wants to have children of their own and adopt some as well

For Brooklyn Beckham (23) and Nicola Peltz (27) having themselves a large family is an absolute must in the future! The American actress actress married the son of David and Victoria Beckham in April of this year.

Brooklyn Beckham & Nicola Peltz want a "really a big family

Since then, the two have been enjoying their lives as a newly married couple. These lovebirds also make no secret of the fact that they want a large family. They both grew up with a large family and so it's no surprise they want to have one of their own.

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“We really want a big family”, reveals Nicola Peltz to Entertainment Tonight. “We want to have children of our own and we also want to adopt children" It's unclear when the couple expects to start building their dream family, but one thing is for certain, fans can't wait until little Beckham-Peltzs are running around!

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