• Brooklyn Beckham and Nicola Peltz are married
  • Beckham shares hot new images of him and Peltz 
  • The couple is seen naked in bed together

Brooklyn Beckham and Nicola Peltz sure love the camera, as she is a model and he likes to take photos! Now the couple has been photographed together having intimate fun, giving insights into their bedroom life. 

Beckham and Peltz photographed naked in bed

Beckham has posted a photo series with his wife on Instagram, which shows him and Peltz in bed. With a smile on her face, the blonde pulls her partner towards her by his belt loop. It's clear that Beckham doesn't need to be asked twice for that!

The newly married couple are also seen together under the covers. Where there used to be a bathrobe and trousers, there now seems to be nothing. While Victoria and David Beckham's son grins mischievously for the camera, the actress holds a phone in her hand. Is she talking about their sexy bedroom fun? 

Also interesting: 

Beckham and Peltz's intimate series of photos was apparently shot by famous photographer Ellen von Unwerth. While the two only made their relationship official in January 2020, it was on April 9 in Palm Beach that Beckham and Peltz said "yes" as they became a married couple. Whether on the red carpet or with Beckham's camera, the two certainly like to take pictures together and let the world share in their relationship!