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Robert Pattinson Finally Speaks Out About Playing 'Batman'

Gless and Daly acted in a show which for the first time allowed principal characters to be "vulnerable", said Gless. In this sense Cagney and Lacey achieved something that had not been done before by breaking down stereotypes. "It was because of us that subsequent shows like NYPD Blue were allowed to exist," said Sharon Gless. "That was basically Cagney and Lacey with two men in that it featured male leads who talked about their feelings. NYPD Blue was a great show, but I always thought we did it better".

Cagney & Lacey: Sharon Gless and Tyne Daly today

It turns out the pair are still best of friends today, over 35 years later! “Sweat makes good friendship cement,” says Tyne Daly. So much so that the two former actress' had taken to the stage to sing together at America's National Democrat Convention. The pair are also still acting today at the age of 73 (Daly) and 76 (Gless). Daly played "Annie Marie-Hoag" in Spiderman: The Homecoming (2017) and Gless played "Zsa Zsa Harper-Jenkins" in the TV series Casualty last in 2018. It seems these two are still surprisingly active in showbiz and are not relinquishing their acting careers just yet! 

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