It has been rumored that Michael Weatherly may return for an on-screen reunion of "Tony" and "Ziva", following "Tony's" presumed solitude after thinking "Ziva" had been dead for years. The season 17 trailer indicated how "Tali" has been on "Ziva's" mind for a long time, hinting a reunion for the trio. That could mean that the show would not only see "Ziva" returning but there could also be a possibility that "Tony" does too  - which would make 'Tiva' fans very happy indeed!

NCIS: Michael Weatherley has not ruled out a comeback

Interestingly, when Michael Weatherly was asked about a possible return to the show, he did not rule it out. We know that fans would beyond excited to have him back on the show as "Tony", and it could also mean that we find out more about the relationship between him, "Ziva" and "Tali". Stay tuned for more, as fans are gearing up for the season 17 premiere on September 24.

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