Michael Manning Jr.
Zodiac sign
June 08, 1968
August Manning Weatherly, Olivia Weatherly, Liam Weatherly
6' 1½"

Michael Weatherly started playing "Anthony DiNozzo" on the crime series "NCIS" in 2003 and stayed with the show until 2016. 

Since he has been acting as "Jason Bull" on CBS' Bull. 

Michael Weatherly began acting professionally and landed his first job as Theo Huxtable's roommate on "The Cosby Show" and a role in the independent film "Trigger happy" opposite Rosario Dawson.

Michael Weatherly: Movies and TV Shows 

Starred alongside Jessica Alba in "Dark Angel" and Christina Applegate in "Jesse" before taking on the responsibility of "NCIS".

Michael has been with "NCIS" for 12 years and 307 episodes and there are rumors that his character is returning. 

Cote de Pablo and Micheal Weatherly

Fans have been waiting for this for years...!

'NCIS': Could "Tony DiNozzo" Be The Next To Make A Comeback?

He also worked with Sandra Bullock and Liam Neeson on the movie "Gun Shy"

When Michael Weatherly told his parents that he is going to pursue his acting career fulltime, they cut him off completely and the falling out and disinheritance were written into the background of his character "Anthony DiNozzo" on "NCIS".


- Was engaged to co-star Jessica Alba.

- Recorded a song called "Bitter and Blue" for the "NCIS" Soundtrack 

- Was married to actress Amelie Heinle, their marriage ended in divorce in 1997. They have one son together.