Dramatic Goodbyes

'Criminal Minds', 'NCIS' and More: The Most Dramatic Exits, Part 1

The cast of Law & Order: Special Victims Unit

Crime series like NCIS or Criminal Minds are very popular all over the world. That's why many fans have a hard time when their favorite characters leave the show. Check the video above to see the saddest farewells!

Some of the most popular crime TV Series around the world are NCIS, Law & Order, and Criminal Minds among others. People who love these shows get emotional when a fan-favorite character has to leave. For example "Ziva" and "DiNozzo" were the NCIS dream couple, unfortunately, both are no longer seen at NCIS, which left some fans a little devastated. Watch the video here to see the rest of the departures!

Criminal Minds, NCIS and More: The Most Dramatic Exits

Christopher Meloni