• Michael Weatherly from NCIS is a married man today
  • He's on his second marriage and had another engagement
  • Weatherly's former fiancée is a well-known celebrity

Nowadays, actor Michael Weatherly has been happily married to his wife Bojana Jankovic for over a decade.

But for the NCIS star, it's actually his second marriage. And he was previously engaged on another occasion too – to a well-known Hollywood actress. Remember who it was?

You may have forgotten, but shortly before NCIS, Michael Weatherly was in a relationship with a co-star from his TV series Dark Angel... That actress? Jessica Alba.

Michael Weatherly and Jessica Alba's relationship was a bit controversial

Michael Weatherly and Jessica Alba started dating in 2000, when he was 31 and she was just 18. Before you knew it, they were engaged the next year, despite the age gap.

Jessica Alba and Michael Weatherly

In fact, Weatherly proposed on Alba's 20th birthday, and she said yes. But they ultimately called off the engagement a couple years later.

Also interesting:

Weatherly would become a big name on NCIS immediately after, while Alba would soon star in the Fantastic Four movies and more.

Reflecting on the relationship – and its noticeable age difference – Jessica Alba later said: "I don't know [why I got engaged]. I was a virgin, he was 12 years older than me. I thought he knew better."

Alba later married film producer Cash Warren in 2008. The couple shares three children together.

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