• Michael Weatherly was born in 1968
  • He started as a young actor in the early 1990s
  • Weatherly shot to fame on NCIS and Bull in the 2000s

Actor Michael Weatherly has been a popular TV star for several decades now. We're used to seeing him in his roles as agent "Anthony 'Tony' DiNozzo" on NCIS and psychologist "Dr. Jason Bull" on Bull.

But Weatherly is getting up in years a little bit these days. The actor is in his mid-50s now. Do you think you'd recognize him from pre-NCIS days?

Michael Weatherly young: The actor before NCIS

Before he was on NCIS, Michael Weatherly starred in the sci-fi series Dark Angel. This is how he looked around that time – in 2001.

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With glasses and longer hair, the actor certainly had a different style back in the day. And if we go even further back...

Michael Weatherly was also on the soap opera Loving in the early 1990s. He was in his mid-20s at the time.

Also interesting:

For the actor, it was a big transition moving to leading-man roles in police and legal series.

But NCIS and Bull fans will probably tell you these were roles Weatherly was born to play.

Fans are waiting for the actor's next project, after Bull concluded in 2022. He's also coming off a scandal while on the series.

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