• Cosmetic surgery is pretty commonplace in Hollywood
  • Some celebrities have certain body parts reduced
  • Here are five celebs who removed their ribs

In our case, they are not looking to increase a part of their body, but to reduce it, removing some of their lower ribs to simulate an even smaller waist. The logic behind it is very simple: remove the ribs and shrink the muscles around it, making for your classic hourglass figure, that is completely unattainable for most!

These ladies did what they had to do for the perfect waist

So who exactly had this surgery done on them? Well, here are five celebrities who underwent this procedure themselves. Let's begin with an iconic Hollywood legend: Marilyn Monroe. She was one of the first celebrities who decided to have their lower ribs removed for a better figure.

Also interesting:

At the beginning of her career, the starlet was a little on the heavier side and wore a tight corset. But as her popularity grew, so did expectations. She eventually got the surgery and became the woman with the smallest waist in all of Hollywood!

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