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Celebrity Women Over 50 Who've Never Had Plastic Surgery

Meryl Streep at the Big Little Lies Season 2 Premiere on May 29, 2019 in New York City.

Plastic surgery in Hollywood has become as popular as ordering a Starbucks! As tempting as it is to modify yourself when constantly being shown on the big screen, these leading ladies have defied the typical plastic surgery routines! To see which beautiful actresses refuse to change their looks, watch the video above!

For a lot of ladies where acting and modeling is their main profession, looks are everything. Simple procedures make it easy and alluring to get such surgeries done. But what's wrong with embracing your age? For these incredible women, they have accepted the inevitable - getting older (and wiser)! Check out the video to see which actresses fall into the list!

Sharon Stone accepts her age never having had plastic surgery!

Sharon Stone attends the Brain Health Initiative 100th Anniversary Of Women's Suffrage Gala in Los Angeles, California.