Hot Celebrity Women Over 50

Believe it or not: Salma Hayek is over age 50!
March 14, 2021 - 14:02 / Cynthia Springer

While many people like to focus on the young talent of Hollywood, these "older" celebrities still have what it takes to catch the viewer's eye. It's so hard to believe that these women are over 50! Check out the video above to see which celebs are 50 going on 20!

From Halle Berry to Salma Hayek, you'll want to check out THIS list of hot celebrity women over 50! These celebs actually make us believe that there is a fountain of youth. Watch the video above to see who else topped this steamy list!

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Celebrity bombshells over the age of 50...

Halle Berry attends the 5B documentary premiere at LA Pride on June 07, 2019 in West Hollywood, California