In 2016 the Pretty Little Liars and Charmed star went to a restaurant in Los Angeles without even imagining that she would meet her future husband! Holly Marie Combs met restaurateur Mike Ryan there and it seems it was love at first sight, after going on proper dates for several months the pair recently got married in an intimate ceremony in California. Holly and Mike exchanged vows in a redwood grove at the Santa Lucia Preserve; family, friends, and Combs’ former co-stars like Brian Krause and Drew Fuller attended the wedding.

Holly Marie Combs and her boyfriend Mike have a real deep connection

According to the actress her connection with Mike Ryan "was so immediate", that's why she said yes back in 2017 when he proposed: "Just when I stopped looking for the perfect person, the perfect person showed up," the actress said. Both of them have kids and Holly Marie Combs said that they were really careful and slow in the beginning of the relationship. She met Ryan five years after divorcing her second husband, with whom she had three sons.

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They've been married for 16 years...

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