Jamie Foxx's daughter Corinne looks like she's got some serious musical talent of her own! The dad and daughter duo, who co-host the music-themed game show Beat Shazam together, shared an Instagram video on Sunday that came as quite a surprise. In the video, Corinne and Jamie are sitting on a couch while the Alicia Keys and Jay-Z song "Empire State of Mind" can be heard playing. Suddenly, Corinne starts singing along... and nailing Alicia's vocals!

A shocked Jamie looks at Corinne and then at the camera, before looking back at his daughter and pulling out his phone to record her. The video has had over 2 million views, instantly going viral across social media! While it seems like no surprise that Corinne would take after her dad musically, the viral clip isn't what it first appears to be. That's because it's not actually Corinne's voice that you hear in the video!

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Jamie and Corinne fool fans by having some TikTok fun

The "Empire State of Mind" singer in the video is actually Haley Smith, who posted a video of herself singing along with the song to TikTok! Jamie and Corinne were simply having fun when they shared Corinne's "rendition" of the song, with Jamie captioning the video "Who knew??! @corinnefoxx TIK TOK game is vicious #daddydaughtertime#beatshazam".

Corinne shared the video with a caption of her own. "The Tik Tok felt round the world," she wrote. "I appreciate all the love on this one guys, did not expect this! @iamjamiefoxx wasn’t suppose to post this yet, but here we are".

See Jamie Foxx and his daughter Corinne's viral video of her "singing" here!

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