• Chris Pine is starring in'Poolman'
  • Pine's look is unrecognizable here
  • Fans can't get over the change

In an astonishing display of dedication to his craft, Chris Pine, known for his sharp looks and sharper acting skills, has taken method acting to a whole new level—or should we say, method dressing? At the Los Angeles premiere of his latest movie, 'Poolman,' Pine was virtually unrecognizable, embodying his character, "Darren Barrenman", in a way that had fans doing double takes.

Pine's Unbelievable Makeover

Last summer, whispers and glimpses of Pine's transformation for 'Poolman' began circulating, with the actor sporting a scruffy, overgrown gray beard and shoulder-length golden locks.

But it was on April 24 that Pine decided to show off his new look to a broader audience, stepping onto the red carpet in an ensemble that screamed "Darren Barrenman".

Dressed in a beige checkered blazer adorned with a pink flower corsage, paired with a casual "I heart L.A." T-shirt, Pine paid homage to "Darren's" Los Angeles roots. The outfit was completed with jorts (jean shorts), hiker boots, socks, and red-tinted shades, highlighting his surfer-esque blonde hair.

Whether it's a wig or not remains a mystery, as Pine was later spotted with a shorter hairstyle off the carpet.

'Poolman' isn't just another notch on Pine's acting belt; it also marks his directorial debut. Fans will certainly be looking forward to that from Pine.

Chris Pine's bold fashion choices and method dressing for the 'Poolman' premiere have undoubtedly paid off, leaving fans and critics alike buzzing with excitement. His ability to immerse himself so fully in his character, even off-screen, speaks volumes about his passion for his work.

As Pine continues to explore new avenues in his career, one thing is clear: he's not afraid to take risks, both in fashion and film.

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Either way, Pine made a splash with his look and new movie, which also marks his directorial debut. Speaking with 'People' about his new project at the premiere, Pine said his goal was to pursue what made him happy, "and this is what came out." 

"I think I just got to a point in my career where I was bored and frustrated, and I've been doing a lot of the similar things and this really made me happy," he shared of his inspiration to get behind the camera.