Everyone's favourite reality star sweetheart is opening up about the emotional journey she underwent this past week while filming for Dancing With The Stars

Chrishell Stause is getting real about her dreams of motherhood, and isn't shying away from her mommy goals! The Selling Sunset star is revealing how difficult it was to perform the foxtrot while undergoing such intense treatments.

Chrishell Stause dreams of motherhood

This week on Dancing With The Stars, Chrishell Stause not only killed it on the dance floor but little did we know there was a whole other aspect to her dancing that was emotional and raw!

Before Stause was rocking it out to the foxtrot, fans got to see her very emotional and shocking split from This Is Us star Justin Hartley on Selling Sunset, and the reality star says that the split isn't stopping her from her dreams of becoming a mother!

Dancing to "Adore You" by Harry Styles, Stause gave the audience all the feels and she and her partner got rave reviews! It was before the dance, however, that fans got an inside glimpse into the real emotion.

"There were a few times [in rehearsal] where I was struggling a little bit," she said in a pre-taped confessional before the dance. "I was physically very uncomfortable because I decided to freeze my eggs."

"It can be very overwhelming. You’re giving yourself hormone shots every single day," she continued. "There are certain hopes and dreams I still have, and one of them is being a mom. I had ideas of having a family and being a wife, but that hasn’t exactly panned out the way that I wished."

Hartley and Stause split up while filming season 3 of Selling Sunset, and showed the complete blindside that Stause dealt with when Hartley sent her a text sharing he sent the papers in without any knowledge on Stause's part. The two had been together for 6 years, and according to Stause, things were going fine.

"I went through a very public divorce. Doing this, it sets me up for success so I am able to have the best chance with the right person in the future," she said.

Stause ended up getting 22/30 for her dance, and was praised by the judges for dancing her "best one yet."

"Gonna be trying to channel my soap vixen ways so nerves don’t counteract all the hard work we put in!" she wrote on her Twitter.

Dancing With The Stars airs every Monday night!

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