Christopher Meloni just keeps on giving to his fans.

It was recently announced that his "Det. Elliot Stabler" would return to a Law & Order: SVU spin-off series. Then, news broke that he will also appear for an undetermined number of future SVU episodes - we know that he'll at least return in the season 22 premiere.

Until those developments hit the screen, Meloni continues to share fun updates from his day-to-day life on his Twitter account.

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Christopher Meloni goes bearded

Recently, Meloni took part in the "Hibernation Challenge," which was started by actor Patton Oswalt. Often clean-shaven or lightly-stubbled, Meloni revealed a full beard in the Twitter post.

The rules of the "Hibernation Challenge" involve posting two photos of yourself, with one at the beginning of a month in quarantine and the other at the end of the month. The SVU star's month at home showed some noticeable results, too.

Meloni's results were perhaps even more noticeable, in fact, than those of the trend-starter, comedian Patton Oswalt.

Meloni also gave his bearded look the FaceApp treatment to preview his appearance a few decades from now.

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Christopher Meloni of Law & Order: SVU with a beard

Does this mean that "Det. Elliot Stabler" will return to SVU and his own (thus far untitled) show with the beard? Time will tell.

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