Hollywood legend Clint Eastwood will celebrate his 90th birthday this Sunday, May 31. But as it turns out, the prickly actor and and filmmaker isn't too fond of birthday celebrations.

Eastwood's son, Scott - who's an actor himself - opened up about his dad's disinclination toward parties in a new interview with Access Hollywood.

"We're going to do just a family thing," Scott said of his father's upcoming milestone. "Very calm, very mellow. He doesn’t like birthdays. He's just sort of like, 'I don't want to do birthdays.'"

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Clint Eastwood hits age 90 on May 31

In lieu of a full-on birthday party, the Eastwoods will instead "have a nice lunch," Scott told Access Hollywood. Clint has eight children across several marriages and relationships. He was most recently married to Dina Ruiz, but they separated in 2013.

When host Mario Lopez pressed Scott on the possibility of a cake for the low-key celebration, the actor added: "We'll sneak a cake in there, definitely. He probably won't like it, but we'll put one in."

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Clint Eastwood movies on the way in his 90s?

As an octogenarian, Clint Eastwood has primarily shifted into the role of a film director. Most recently, he directed Richard Jewell in 2019, as well as other notable titles including American Sniper and Sully in recent years.

The now somewhat crabby icon is also known for career-defining roles in Westerns such as Unforgiven and The Good, the Bad and the Ugly, and others genre works including Dirty Harry, Gran Torino and many more.

You can also look for his son, Scott Eastwood, in upcoming projects titled The Outpost and Cash Truck.