He has a total of 8 children!

Clint Eastwood: These Are His Talented Children

Check out Clint Eastwood's talented and famous children! 

Clint Eastwood is one of the most legendary actors of Hollywood to this day. Throughout his life span, he has created eight children with a few different women, including actress Frances Fisher and reporter Dina Ruiz. Check out what his talented children are up to in the entertainment industry in the video!

One could say Clint Eastwood was truly Dirty Harry with all of the extramarital affairs he had throughout his life, producing more children with a list of women. However, his children inherited the Eastwood blood and are all incredibly talented people! Find out more about the Eastwood family in the video above! 

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Clint Eastwood's talented children

Clint Eastwood poses with his (former) wife and co-star Dina Eastwood, their daughter Morgan, 5, (front-L) and his daughter Francesca, 9, as they arrive for the premiere of the film Bloodwork on August 6th 2002 in Burbank, California