Creepy, ice-cold and disturbing: Malcolm McDowell's (75) performance as Alex in Clockwork Orange in 1971 was excellent and at the same time difficult to watch. The role was the actor's second lead after starring in If... in 1969. 

Malcolm McDowell: He was cast as a baddie again and again

Just like the role "Alex" in Clockwork Orange, Malcom McDowell's next big film role was also verging on scandalous. The lead in the 1979 hit Caligula made him even more famous, but some of the scenes in the film pushed the limits of what was acceptable and so he distanced himself from his performance afterwards. 

McDowell is no stranger to being cast as a baddie, and he makes a very convincing one, too. In Night Train to Venice in 1993 and Star Trek Generations in 1994 he also played morally questionable characters making him one of film history's worst baddies of all time. 

Malcolm also appeared in the remake of the cult classic Halloween in 2007 and starred in the 2009 film Snuff produced by Slipknot singer Corey Taylor (44). McDowell was awarded a star on The Hollywood Walk of Fame in March 2012.

Malcolm McDowell Now

Malcolm McDowell has appeared in several productions recently, including Mozart in the Jungle, Star Wars: Rebels and the horror film 31 produced and by singer Rob Zombie.

The seventy-five-year-old is married to his third wife Kelley Kuhr (53). He has five children.