However, this last New Year's Eve Live special from Times Square in New York, had a little more in store for viewers this time than in other nights. Because co-host Andy Cohen served himself a little too much to drink on the evening and ended up on the more embarrassing side of the news for his remarks during the live taping of the special.

After more than a few drinks were poured, Cohen went on a bit of an unhinged political rant where he had much to criticize and make a fuss over, taking shots at people like New York City mayor Bill de Blasio, and Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg among many others! 

CNN Back Andy Cohen After Drunken NYE Rant

CNN Back Andy Cohen After Drunken NYE Rant

For many in the entertainment industry, this lapse in judgment during a live televised broadcast would spell the end of their career. However, Cohen is no stranger to gossip and hot topics, and so it wasn't exactly shocking behavior to see. The ratings certainly didn't suffer, in fact they were boosted, and it looks the CNN is standing by the old belief that any publicity is good publicity.

Because Cohen has been confirmed as the recurring host for the next New Year's Eve Live special happening at the end of 2022. Known for his quirky personality and his on screen charisma, the network seems unfazed by this little scandal on one of their biggest nights of the year.

Cohen himself has publicly apologized on social media for his behavior, but fans seemed undeterred to stand by him, as many felt he was speaking from the heart about what many Americans are feeling these days. So it looks like Cohen will live on to fight another day, and hopefully give us many more memorable made-for-TV moments!