• Peyton List and Jacob Bertrand are dating
  • List and Bertrand have been friends for years
  • They star opposite one another on Cobra Kai

Peyton List and Jacob Bertrand share the screen on the hit Netflix series Cobra Kai, and now the two stars have confirmed they're an item! TMZ caught up with List and Bertrand on Tuesday, and they talked about dating one another for the first time.

Bertrand calls relationship with List "trial by fire"

Bertrand, who's known to Cobra Kai fans as "Eli 'Hawk' Moscowitz," revealed to the outlet that he and List have been "dating for a while." He referred to their romantic relationship as "trial by fire," admitting that dating a co-star is uncharted territory for him. 

Peyton List as "Tory" and Jacob Bertrand as "Eli" in Cobra Kai

He went on to mention how he and List, who portrays "Tory Nichols" in Cobra Kai, have known each other since their teenage years. Bertrand said that when he was 15, he was "tight friends" with List's brother Spencer— which made telling him about having feelings for her "kinda awkward." However, he said that even back then, he and List would spend time together both on and off set.

Also interesting:

It's not uncommon for sparks to fly between actors even though it may complicate things. After Spider-Man co-stars Tom Holland and Zendaya confirmed their relationship, it was revealed that they reportedly "ignored" advice about not getting together! List also briefly commented on her relationship with Bertrand. When TMZ asked the actress about dating a co-star, she joked that she would "think about the consequences later!"