• Anne Heche died after a car accident earlier this year
  • The results of the autopsy are now officially out
  • Traces of cocaine were found in her blood

The actress drove her car off the road in Los Angeles on August 5 and crashed into a house. Her car immediately caught fire. After that, she was in a coma with severe injuries and was declared brain dead on August 11th. But there are new developments in the story. The TMZ autopsy report is now available.

Was cocaine to be blamed here?

As reported by TMZ there was a blood sample taken shortly after which is routine during the investigation into an accident like this one. The shocking component of this whole story is that a trace amount of cocaine could be detected in Anne's blood, leaving many to speculate that to be the reason for the crash.

Also interesting:

This could be disastrous news on top of an already disastrous tragedy. However, the Los Angeles coroner's office was quick to clarify that at the time of the accident there were no indications that the actress was impaired on the drug. A bottle was also found in her car that could have contained an alcoholic drink...

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