The story revolves around an incredibly poorly-planned hoax. In January of 2019, Smollet filed a police report where he alleged that he was attacked by two men on the streets of Chicago while he was walking at the early hours of the morning. Smollet alleged the two men were white and wearing ski masks, and said "this is MAGA country", in support of then-President Donald Trump.

Smollet went on to claim that the two men poured bleach on him and called him many racial and homophobic slurs. After a thorough police investigation, authorities found no evidence to back up the actor's claims and, in fact, discovered that the actor had made the whole thing up! This week, Smollet is on trial in Chicago were he admitted to other details in the case.

Jussie Smollet Admits He Did Cocaine With 'Attacker'

Jussie Smollet Admits He Did Cocaine With 'Attacker'

It turns out that Smollet had actually arranged for his fake beatdown with two Nigerian brothers who had met the actor a party a few months prior to the incident. He confessed to having met one of the brothers first, and doing cocaine with him that night. The actor later said the two went to a gay bathhouse, and they shared a private room where they kissed and did more drugs. Abimbola (the brother in question) earlier testified that he was not gay.

These new revelations have only gone and buried the actor further in shame. It's not clear if he will face any jail time for trying to fool authorities with a fake crime, but one thing is for certain: his acting career is more than over!

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