It all started back in 2013 on the set of Mr. and Mrs. Smith, where the famous rumors of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie striking up a romance began. Brad was married to actress Jennifer Aniston at the time, but soon after, Brad and Angeline became "Brangelina". And in 2014, the two were officially married which made international headlines, as Brad and Angelina were widely regarded as the hottest couple in the world!

Their marriage was absolutely covered in a media frenzy and everything they did seemed to be photographed and catalogued for the history books. However, in 2016, the couple filed for divorce, officially putting an end to one of Hollywood's favorite ever relationships. A custody battle for the couple's children soon began!

Court Won't Hear Brad Pitt's Divorce Appeal

Court Won't Hear Brad Pitt's Divorce Appeal

Just this past Wednesday, the California Supreme Court denied Pitt's appeal of a court ruling that disqualified the presiding judge in his custody battle with Angelina Jolie. The court denied a review of a decision that demanded the private judge hearing the case be disqualified for failing to sufficiently disclose his business relationships with Pitt's attorneys. This means that the legal battle for the ex-couple's five minor children will keep going on.

"Ms. Jolie is focused on her family and pleased that her children's wellbeing will not be guided by unethical behavior," her attorney, Robert Olson, said in an email to the court. Pitt's representatives hold a different narrative, stating that this decision "does not change the extraordinary amount of factual evidence which led the trial judge -- and the many experts who testified -- to reach their clear conclusion about what is in the children's best interests."

So far, the dispute has been fairly amicable, and fans of the two actors will hope that the family can put this matter to bed soon. But that seems highly unlikely given the nature of these high-profile legal proceedings!

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