Colin Kaepernick has much to share in his forthcoming memoir - even though he's just 32-years-old! The former San Francisco 49ers quarterback describes his new book as "part political awakening and part memoir."

A title for the memoir is not yet known, but it should arrive this year on Kaepernick Publishing and Audible.

Colin Kaepernick attends as The Oprah Magazine hosts screening of "A Wrinkle In Time" in 2018.

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Colin Kaepernick: Ex-NFL quarterback

Kaepernick attracted notoriety when he began kneeling during the U.S. national anthem prior to NFL games in 2016. Kaepernick attributed the move to a protest of oppression of people of colour in the United States.

Kaepernick soon found himself without a job, however. He was not signed by any team following the 2016 season, despite stats that suggested he was a capable QB - football's most important position.

Many speculated that he was being kept out of the league because of his on-field politics and outspoken nature. He most recently held a showcase for teams in 2019, but he still remains away from the NFL.

NFL player Colin Kaepernick speaks during VH1's 'Dear Mama: A Love Letter To Moms' Show in 2018.

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Is Colin Kaepernick moving on from the NFL?

Kaepernick is a divisive figure in the eyes of many fans of professional sports. But it seems he's now transitioning to a role in the literary world

The athlete founded Kaepernick Publishing in 2019. In doing so, he hopes to "give power to Black and Brown voices globally, offering unprecedented ownership options to collaborators and bringing greater diversity and representation to literature and spoken word."

Kaepernick Publishing partnered with Audible, which will release his memoir in audiobook form. Check it out to learn Kaepernick's perspective on his time in the NFL, his "political awakening," and his "blacklisting" in the NFL. It's due out later this year.