Comedy legend Mel Brooks has had it with President Trump, as he expressed in a rare political statement that his son Max Brooks posted on his Twitter account on Wednesday.

Mel Brooks slams Trump, endorses Joe Biden

In a 50-second clip, Mel Brooks endorsed Democratic nominee Joe Biden and his running mate Senator Kamala Harris. Max Brooks posted the video message and captioned the clip as follows: "My father, @MelBrooks, is 94. He has never made a political video. Until now."

In the video, Brooks criticizes President Donald Trump and his administration for their mishandling of the coronavirus pandemic and calls on everybody watching to go and cast their ballot for the upcoming presidential election on November 3. "Hi folks. I'm Mel Brooks and behind me you see my son [Max] and my grandson [Henry], and they can't be with me," Mel says in the video. "Why? Because of this coronavirus. And Donald Trump is not doing a damn thing about it."

He adds: "So many people have died, and when you're dead, you can’t do much. So I'm voting for Joe Biden," Mel adds while holding up a campaign mug supporting Biden. "I like Joe. Why do I like Joe? Because Joe likes the facts. Because Joe likes science. Joe will keep us going. Take a tip from me, vote for Joe."

In the background, we can see Max Brooks and his son Henry holding up campaign signs for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. We will just have to see how much impact a rare political statement from a show business legend like Mel Brooks will have when America decides on a new president in early November.

So far, Joe Biden has received support from celebrities such as Dwayne Johnson ("The Rock"), Zooey Deschanel, Jay Leno, Larry David, Keegan-Michael Key, as well as Rita Wilson and Tom Hanks. President Donald Trump is backed by the likes of Roseanne Barr, Jon Voight, Dennis Quaid, Kirstie Alley and Clueless star Stacey Dash.