Kym Marsh had been playing the role of "Michelle Connor" for 14 years, her time came to an end. Marsh's last scenes as "Michelle" aired around Christmas time 2019. 

When the question came up if her character would die on the show, she said: "No, The door is open so that's good."

Coronation Street's Kym Marsh: "I'd like to try something else..."

Naturally, Kym was also asked about her decision to leave Corrie: "I just, you know, it comes a time when you're a part of such a huge show and you play that character for so many years."

"I just thought I'd quite like to try my hand at something else. I'm always one who loved a bit of a challenge, and so, there you go."

And she already knows what that challenge is, as she is gearing up to play "Jovie" in the musical ELF: The Christmas Spectacular.

But the actress teased about shooting her final scenes on Coronation Street and she knows what's in store for "Michelle", but only teased:

"I do know, probably can't say. But it's soon, coming up very soon. [It feels] a bit weird. I'm going to be very emotional on my last day, for sure."

Coronation Street: Will "Michelle" find out about "Vicky"?

As of right now, many fans are expecting "Michelle" to find out sooner rather than later, that her fiancé "Robert" has been unfaithful to her, but nobody knows how it's going to play out.

"Robert" has to manage to keep both women in his life happy while still going ahead with the secret wedding that he has convinced "Michelle" to have...