Due to the coronavirus pandemic, people all over the world have been staying home. While some people can effortlessly keep themselves entertainted during isolation, some other find it quite difficult. 

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That's why, according to Chicago Sun Times, our beloved Pauley Perrette aka "Abby Sciuto" on NCIS has some piece of advice for those who find isolating themselves challenging. The 50-year-old actress is seeing this as an opportunity to develop new skills and learn things.

These are Pauley Perrette's 7 stay-at-home tips:

  • Foster a pet: Pauley Perrette says this is the perfect time to be accompanied by a furry animal. Also it is ideal for those who are not ready to adopt yet!
  • Take online classes: The NCIS actress recommended watching how-to-YouTube-videos to learn new skills!
  • Grab a good book: She says this is the ideal time for catching up with those books that might be gathering dust on bookshelves...

Pauley Perrette's list goes on!

  • Connect with nature: Perrette loves plants and says "it's so beautiful" when they bloom! Taking care of some might make self-isolation less hard
  • Make some phone calls: In this digital era we're used to text friends and family but Pauley Perrette believes it's always important hearing a human voice, especially in these difficult times!

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  • Watch television: Well, it is true that series and films are the ultimate way of keeping oruselves entertainted. What does Pauley like? She revealed she loves sitcoms but also Big Brother!
  • Turn your home into a fitness center: Pauley Perrette says there's no need to go to a gym if people use their own bodyweight!