• Jennifer Coolidge is a beloved American actress
  • She won an Emmy this week for her work in 'The White Lotus'
  • THIS is how she made everyone gasp with her speech

In a night glittering with stars, Jennifer Coolidge, the beloved actress and comedic genius, snagged the Emmy for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series, leaving fans and fellow celebs in awe! 'The White Lotus' star faced stiff competition from her own costars Aubrey Plaza, and Simona Tabasco, as well as Elizabeth Debicki from 'The Crown', among others.

Jennifer is never boring

Coolidge, known for her impeccable timing, didn't miss a beat during her acceptance speech, thanking "all the evil gays" – a nod to her viral character "Tanya McQuoid" – before being playfully nudged offstage. Her role in HBO's hit series 'The White Lotus' has been nothing short of a sensation, earning her a Golden Globe, Critics' Choice Television Awards, and Screen Actors Guild Awards.

Despite her character's dramatic exit in the season 2 finale, Coolidge believes it was a necessary crescendo. "Mike was looking for a big Italian opera ending," she shared with 'Variety', hinting at the bittersweet departure of Tanya. But fans, fear not! The White Lotus is set to return for a third season, promising more drama and intrigue.

"So he wanted me to die for many reasons."

When Coolidge began her acceptance speech, she joked that she had to put her new trophy down because she still doesn't "have the strength" to hold it. She also reminded everyone that she "got the hook last year" — meaning her speech was cut off — because she "talked too long," so she promised that she would be fast this time. Alas, in iconic Coolidge style, that's not what happened at all.

But soon enough, host Anthony Anderson's real-life mother, Doris Bowman, who served as the show's "play-off mama" to ensure acceptance speeches were kept short, held up a giant sign letting Coolidge know her time was up. "Baby, baby," Bowman said. "I love you baby, but time. Time!"

Coolidge begged her to let her say "one last thing," and Bowman obliged. "I had a little dream in my little town and everyone said it was impractical and it was far-fetched," Coolidge said as she quickly finished her speech. "But it did happen after all, so don’t give up on your dream." 

She's earned this

Coolidge made her big screen debut as a nurse in 'Not of This Earth' in 1995, then in the courtroom comedy 'Trial and Error' in 1997. Several small roles in several more feature films also continued her television work. Coolidge had her breakthrough role in 'American Pie' in 1999, as a boozed-up and sultry mom who seduces her son's classmate with the comment that she liked her scotch and men the same way: aged 18 years.

And then she became iconic

She recreated the character in the sequel and reprized her role as "Paulette" 'Legally Blonde' franchise. Coolidge graced several TV comedies as well, with major guest appearances on 'Frasier' and 'Sex and the City'. 

But now it looks like more serious roles will be in her future.

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The Emmy Awards were ablaze with talent, as 'The Crown' wrapped up its final season, 'Succession' concluded with a bang, and 'Better Call Saul' said its goodbyes. Each show left an indelible mark on the television landscape, with 'The Crown' racking up over 20 Emmy wins, 'Succession' dominating with 27 nominations, and 'Better Call Saul' earning critical acclaim.

As the stars dazzled at the 75th annual Primetime Emmy Awards, it was Coolidge who emerged as the queen of the night, proving that talent and humor reign supreme in the world of drama. Stay tuned for more juicy celebrity news and human-interest stories that are too good to miss!