• This star was the only one nominated for an Emmy 
  • Melissa Sue Anderson got the honor
  • 'Little House on the Prairie' won in these categories 

'Little House on the Prairie' was one of the most successful and popular television series in the world. The series, which aired from 1974 to 1983, tells the story of the Ingalls family and their life of the late 19th century.  

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"Mary Ingalls" was nominated for an Emmy 

Among the numerous triumphs and global acclaim garnered by the series, only one actress received an Emmy Award nomination throughout its history.

Melissa Sue Anderson, now 61, had the distinction of being recognized for her outstanding performance. Although she did not secure the Emmy for her portrayal of "Mary Ingalls" in 1978, her nomination was a notable achievement.

Melissa Sue Anderson became world-famous with her role as "Mary Ingalls" in "Our Little Farm"

However, the actress later won an award for her performance in "Which Mother Is Mine?", a drama series that aired in 1979.

While the entire ensemble and the series itself garnered widespread acclaim and global recognition, the singular Emmy nomination continued to stand out as a notable moment in the show's history.

It's worth noting that the series did secure Emmy awards in categories such as "Best Cinematography" and "Best Music." However, Melissa Sue Anderson remains the sole actress from the show to have earned this prestigious recognition.

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