• Peter Scanavino stars in Law & Order: SVU
  • He plays the role of "Carisi"
  • Learn more about the star here

"Dominick 'Sonny' Carisi Jr." has grown on fans in the newer seasons of Law & Order: SVU. The experienced detective joined the unit in season 16 and has stayed on as a series regular ever since.

"Carisi" has clashed with "Capt. Benson" (Mariska Hargitay) and "Rollins" (Kelli Giddish), but he's also known for his strong detective work. Fans were surprised to see him promoted to ADA, but they also can't get enough hints at his possible romance with "Rollins." (And were you a fan of his moustache?)

Law & Order: SVU - "Carisi" actor Peter Scanavino

ADA "Carisi" has been a breakthrough role for actor Peter Scanavino. The 43-year-old star had many TV credits going back to the early 2000s, but they were primarily in single-episode guest appearances.

All the same, Law & Order universe devotees may recognize him from a 2013 SVU episode, in which he played "Johnny Dubcek." He also had single-episode spots on Law & Order and spin-offs Trial By Jury and Criminal Intent. For Scanavino, other notable pre-SVU guest spots included The Good Wife, Banshee, and The Blacklist.

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Peter Scanavino: His wife, children, and other work

Here's everything else you need to know about SVU star Peter Scanavino:

  • Peter was born in Denver, Colorado in 1980
  • He paused his acting career in 2010 to pursue cooking!
  • He holds a Culinary Arts certificate and worked at a restaurant in NYC
  • Scanavino and his wife Lisha Bai share two children together
  • He's on Twitter @PeterScanavino

Look for more Peter Scanavino and ADA "Carisi" when Law & Order: SVU in season 24 on NBC now.