• "William Lewis" is a Law & Order: SVU villain
  • He appeared in seasons 14 and 15
  • This is actor Pablo Schreiber today

"William Lewis" gave Law & Order: SVU fans a serious scare a few seasons back. A serial killer and rapist, he was initially arrested for exposing himself in public. But it escalated into an abduction of "Olivia Benson," which left her traumatized.

"Benson" later faced "William Lewis" in court. He was sentenced to 25 years, only to escape soon after. The ordeal led to another confrontation, and "Lewis" forced "Benson" into a game of Russian Roulette. He eventually killed himself but framed her for the act.

Law & Order: SVU: "William Lewis" - Actor Pablo Schreiber

Scarred and terrifying "William Lewis" left a mark on "Benson" and SVU fans long after his death in season 15. But what has actor Pablo Schreiber been up to since his days in the SVU cast?

Schreiber, who was earlier known for work on The Wire, last appeared on SVU in 2014. Since then, his career has really taken off with main cast roles on multiple notable series.

Just before he debuted on SVU, Schreiber had starred in season 1 of Netflix's prison drama Orange Is the New Black as "George 'Pornstache' Mendes." He played the role across 19 episodes in the show's seven seasons, even earning an Emmy nomination.

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In 2022, the 43-year-old Canadian-born actor plays "Master Chief" in the TV adaptation of the Halo video games. He was also seen on American Gods up until 2020.

Along with Halo, fans can also watch for Schreiber in upcoming miniseries Candy on Hulu. The actor, who is the half-brother of Liev Schreiber, is also a father of two, and keeps fans updated on his family life and work on social media!