• Shemar Moore was a crowd-pleaser on Criminal Minds
  • The actor is mostly known for his good looks
  • There is much more to Shemar than meets the eye

Despite being a very recognizable face in Hollywood, not much is known about Shemar’s private life and what his upbringing was like. Here we’ll share with you some crazy facts about the very talented Shemar Moore. For example, did you know that English is not Shemar’s native language?

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Shemar Moore Is Much More Than Just Looks

Crazy Facts About 'Criminal Minds' Star Shemar Moore

When he was a baby, his mother took a teaching job in Denmark, where Shemar spent some of his childhood. Today, Shemar speaks almost fluent Danish and has flexed this impressive skill in several interviews in the past. Shemar has also lived in countries like Bahrain and Ghana during his formative years due to his mother’s work.

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