Grace Gail and Adam Rodriguez married in 2016. Together they have 3 children. Two daughters, Georgie Daye and Frankie Elle and one son, born on March 16, 2020 named Bridgemont Bernard Rodriguez. Unlike Adam Rodriguez being a figure in the limelight, Grace Gail has chosen a different route...

Adam Rodriguez' Wife Grace Gail's privacy is important to her

Grace Gail, unlike her husband, has shied away from the cameras, keeping her personal life quite private. She has just over 400 followers on Instagram and has a private account that has completely hidden her photos from the public. At the moment, it seems like she is just enjoying family life and being a stay-at-home mom. 

Adam Rodriguez posts the occasional family photo to his public social media accounts however. All in all, it seems like this beautiful family is doing well! You can catch Adam on Criminal Minds

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This is Hailey and Justin days before their second wedding!

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