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Joe Mantegna was not a rookie when he was hired by CBS to play a main role on Criminal Minds. In fact, the 75-year-old Chicago-born actor had already won a Tony Award and appeared in hit movies like Three Amigos, The Godfather: Part III and Up Close and Personal.

However, it was the hit series Criminal Minds that really built Mantegna's fortune into eight-digit territory. Here's just how much the actor is worth today.

Criminal Minds: Joe Mantegna's net worth

According to Celebrity Net Worth, the popular American actor has a guaranteed fortune of $25 million.

Mantegna's fortune has been accumulated thanks to his salary of $130K per episode in the final seasons of Criminal Minds, in addition to credits as producer and actor. For years, he's also voiced the crime boss "Fat Tony" on The Simpsons.

In addition, his wife owns a well-known restaurant in Burbank, California.

Which Criminal Minds cast member is worth the most?

As it turns out, Joe Mantegna is also one of the richest actors from the cast of Criminal Minds, which ended in 2020.

According to CheatSheet, Mantegna's fortune is above the net earnings of Adam Rodriguez ($16 million), Matthew Gray Gubler ($10 million), Paget Brewster ($9 million), Aisha Tyler ($8 million), Daniel Henney ($5 million), AJ Cook ($4 million) and Kirsten Vangsness ($3 million).

Thomas Gibson, who played agent "Aaron Hotchner" in the early seasons of Criminal Minds, could come close to Mantegna's net worth at close to $25 million.

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